Scalable Distributed Data Structures (SDDSs) provide a self-managing and self-organizing data storage of potentially unbounded size. This stands in contrast to common distribution schemas deployed in conventional distributed DBMS. SDDSs, however, have mostly been used in synthetic scenarios to investigate their properties. In this paper we concentrate on the integration of the LH* SDDS into our efficient and extensible DBMS, called Monet. We show that this merge permits processing very large sets of distributed data. In our implementation we extended the relational algebra interpreter in such a way that access to data, whether it is distributed or locally stored, is transparent to the user. The on-the-fly optimization of operations --- heavily used in Monet --- to deploy different strategies and scenarios inside the primary operators associated with an SDDS adds self-adaptiveness to the query system; it dynamically adopts itself to unforeseen situations. We illustrate the performance efficiency by experiments on a network of workstations. The transparent integration of SDDSs opens new perspectives for very large self-managing database systems.

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Information Systems [INS]
Database Architectures

Karlsson, J. S., & Kersten, M. (1997). Scalable storage for a DBMS using transparent distribution. Information Systems [INS]. CWI.