We solve an open problem in the literature by providing an online algorithm for multidimensional bin packing that uses only bounded space. We show that it is optimal among bounded space algorithms for any dimension $d>1$. Its asymptotic performance ratio is $(Pi_{infty})^d$, where $Pi_{infty}approx1.691$ is the asymptotic performance ratio of the one-dimensional algorithm harm. A modified version of this algorithm for the case where all items are hypercubes is also shown to be optimal. Its asymptotic performance ratio is sublinear in $d$. Additionally, for the special case of packing squares in two-dimensional bins, we present a new unbounded space online algorithm with asymptotic performance ratio of at most $2.271$. We also present an approximation algorithm for the offline problem with approximation ratio of $16/11$. This improves upon all earlier approximation algorithms for this problem, including the algorithm from Caprara, Packing 2-dimensional bins in harmony, Proc. 43rd FOCS, 2002.

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Software Engineering [SEN]
Intelligent and autonomous systems

Epstein, L., & van Stee, R. (2003). Optimal online bounded space multidimensional packing. Software Engineering [SEN]. CWI.