This study uses a mixed between- and within-subjects test design to evaluate the influence of interactive formats on the quality of binaurally rendered 360° spatial audio content. Focusing on ecological validity using real-world recordings of 60 s duration, three independent groups of subjects () were exposed to three formats: audio only (A), audio with 2D visuals (A2DV), and audio with head-mounted display (AHMD) visuals. Within each interactive format, two sessions were conducted to evaluate degraded audio conditions: bit-rate and Ambisonics order. Our results show a statistically significant effect (p < .05) of format only on spatial audio quality ratings for Ambisonics order. Exploration data analysis shows that format A yields little variability in exploration, while formats A2DV and AHMD yield broader viewing distribution of 360° content. The results imply audio quality factors can be optimized depending on the interactive format.

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IMX '23: ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experience
Distributed and Interactive Systems

Robotham, T., Singla, A., Raake, A., Rummukainen, O., & Habets, E. (2023). Influence of multi-modal interactive formats on subjective audio quality and exploration behavior. In ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences (pp. 115–128). doi:10.1145/3573381.3596155