The project files for the article `A Tutorial on Verifying LinkedList using KeY'. The archive contains:

A bundled version of KeY, version 2.6.3. This requires a recent version of Java Runtime Edition (JRE) to be executed, say OpenJDK8.

A number of stub contracts (jre/ directory).

A skeleton LinkedList source file (src/java/util/LinkedList.old) for the reader of the tutorial to fill in the methods and contracts.

The LinkedList source file after all modifications have been done (src/java/util/

A number of proof files that can be loaded in KeY, that verify the correctness of the methods with respect to their contract as given in the solution.

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Computer Security

Hiep, H.-D., Bian, J., de Boer, F., & de Gouw, S. (2020). A tutorial on verifying LinkedList using KeY: Proof files. doi:10.5281/zenodo.3613712