Object reconstruction from a series of projection images, such as in computed tomography (CT), is a popular tool in many different application fields. Existing commercial software typically provides sufficiently accurate and convenient-to-use reconstruction tools to the end-user. However, in applications where a non-standard acquisition protocol is used, or where advanced reconstruction methods are required, the standard software tools often are incapable of computing accurate reconstruction images. This article introduces the ASTRA Toolbox. Aimed at researchers across multiple tomographic application fields, the ASTRA Toolbox provides a highly efficient and highly flexible open source set of tools for tomographic projection and reconstruction. The main features of the ASTRA Toolbox are discussed and several use cases are presented.
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Agfa HealthCare NV, Mortsel, Belgium
Optics Express
Automated multi-modal tomography for sub-22nm IC nodes
Computational Imaging

van Aarle, W., Palenstijn, W. J., Cant, J., Janssens, E., Bleichrodt, F., Dabravolski, A., … Sijbers, J. (2016). Fast and flexible X-ray tomography using the ASTRA toolbox. Optics Express, 24(22), 25129–25147. doi:10.1364/OE.24.025129