We built a framework for analyzing the contents of large social networks, based on the approximate counting technique developed by Gonen and Shavitt. Our toolbox was used on data from a large forum---\texttt{boards.ie}---the most prominent community website in Ireland. For the purpose of this experiment, we were granted access to 10 years of forum data. This is the first time the approximate counting technique is tested on real-world, social network data.

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Keywords approximate counting, software development, social networks, big data
ACM MATHEMATICAL SOFTWARE (acm G.4), Elicitation methods (acm D.2.1.0), Data (acm E), SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES (acm J.4)
THEME Software (theme 1), Information (theme 2)
Conference Conference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science
Romijn, L, Ó Nualláin, B, & Torenvliet, L. (2015). Discovering Motifs in Real-World Social Networks.