Service-oriented architectures (SOAs) have become the predominant paradigm that enables businesses to combine and integrate services offered by third parties. For the commercial viability of such composite services it is crucial that they are offered at sharp price-quality ratios. This raises the need for mechanisms that efficiently and promptly adapt to possibly unpredictable changes of QoS delivered by third party services. In this paper, we propose a runtime closed loop control mechanism that dynamically optimizes service composition in real time by learning and adapting to changes in third party service response time behaviors. Our approach combines the power of learning and adaptation with the power of dynamic programming. Experimental results performed in the simulation environment demonstrate that our approach performs well in changing circumstances.
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Keywords SOA, QoS, composite services
THEME Logistics (theme 3)
Project Service Optimization and Quality
Conference International Teletraffic Congress
van der Mei, R.D. (2015). Autonomous Runtime QoS Control for Composite Services in Service Oriented Architecture.