The authors introduce concepts for loading large amounts of XML documents into databases where the documents are stored and maintained. The goal is to make XML databases as unobtrusive in multi-tier systems as possible and at the same time provide as many services defined by the XML standards as possible. The ubiquity of XML has sparked great interest in deploying concepts known from Relational Database Management Systems such as declarative query languages, transactions, indexes and integrity constraints. This chapter presents now bulkloading is done in Monet XML, a main memory XML database system, and evaluates the cost of bulkloading and bulk deletion with respect to strategies which base on insertion and deletion of individual nodes. Additionally, we survey the applicability of the techniques to a wider class of XML storage schemas.

Idea Group Publishing
L.C. Rivero , J.H. Doorn , V.E. Ferraggine
Database Architectures

Schmidt, A. R., Manegold, S., & Kersten, M. (2005). Storing XML Documents in Databases. In L. C. Rivero, J. H. Doorn, & V. E. Ferraggine (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Database Technologies and Applications. Idea Group Publishing.