Stream applications gained significant popularity over the last years that lead to the development of specialized stream engines. These systems are designed from scratch with a different philosophy than nowadays database engines in order to cope with the stream applications requirements. However, this means that they lack the power and sophisticated techniques of a full fledged database system that exploits techniques and algorithms accumulated over many years of database research. In this paper, we take the opposite route and design a stream engine directly on top of a database kernel. Incoming tuples are directly stored upon arrival in a new kind of system tables, called baskets. A continuous query can then be evaluated over its relevant baskets as a typical one-time query exploiting the power of the relational engine. Once a tuple has been seen by all relevant queries/operators, it is dropped from its basket. A basket can be the input to a single or multiple similar query plans. Furthermore, a query plan can be split into multiple parts each one with its own input/output baskets allowing for flexible load sharing query scheduling. Contrary to traditional stream engines, that process one tuple at a time, this model allows batch processing of tuples, e.g., query a basket only after $x$ tuples arrive or after a time threshold has passed. Furthermore, we are not restricted to process tuples in the order they arrive. Instead, we can selectively pick tuples from a basket based on the query requirements exploiting a novel query component, the basket expressions. We investigate the opportunities and challenges that arise with such a direction and we show that it carries significant advantages. We propose a complete architecture, the DataCell, which we implemented on top of an open-source column-oriented DBMS. A detailed analysis and experimental evaluation of the core algorithms using both micro benchmarks and the standard Linear Road benchmark demonstrate the potential of this new approach.

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Keywords Stream Processing
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Publisher ACM
Project Databases for personalised ubiquitous intelligent devices , Cracking a Scientific Database
Conference International Conference on Extending Database Technology
Liarou, E, Pereira Goncalves, R.A, & Idreos, S. (2009). Exploiting the Power of Relational Databases for Efficient Stream Processing. In Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Extending Database Technology (pp. 323–334). ACM.