For a broad class of polling models the evolution of the system at specific embedded polling instants is known to constitute a multi-type branching process (MTBP) with immigration. In this paper we derive heavy-traffic limits for general MTBP-type of polling models. The results generalize and unify many known results on the waiting times in polling systems in heavy traffic, and moreover, lead to new exact results for classical polling models that have not been observed before. To demonstrate the usefulness of the results, we derive closed-form expressions for the LST of the waiting-time distributions for models with cyclic globally-gated polling regimes, and for cyclic polling models with general branching-type service policies. As a by-product, our results lead to a number of asymptotic insensitivity properties, providing new fundamental insights in the behavior of polling models.
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Queueing Systems
QoS Differentiation Mechanisms: Scheduling Algorithms

van der Mei, R. (2007). Towards a unifying theory on branching-type polling systems in heavy traffic. Queueing Systems, 57, 29–46.