Axiomatic quantum field theory; operator algebras (msc 81T05), Groups and algebras in quantum theory (msc 81Rxx), matrix theory, etc. (msc 81U20), Exterior differential systems (Cartan theory) (msc 58A15), Applications of Lie groups to physics; explicit representations (msc 22E70)
P J.M. Bongaarts , F. de Kerf , P.H.M. Kersten
CWI syllabus

J.M. Bongaarts, P, de Kerf, F, & Kersten, P.H.M (Eds.). (1988). Proceedings seminar 1984-1986 mathematical structures in field theories : [held at Amsterdam]. (P J.M. Bongaarts, F de Kerf, & P.H.M Kersten, Eds.)CWI syllabus. CWI.