In this note a two-class Generalized Processor Sharing (GPS) system is considered. We analyze the probability that the virtual delay of a particular class exceeds some threshold. We apply Schilder's theorem to calculate the logarithmic many-sources asymptotics of this probability in the important case of Gaussian inputs.

Generalized processor sharing, Gaussian traffic, Delay probabilities, Sample-path large deviations, Many-sources asymptotics"
Gaussian processes (msc 60G15), Queueing theory (msc 60K25)
Logistics (theme 3), Energy (theme 4)
CWI. Probability, Networks and Algorithms [PNA]

Lieshout, P.M.D, & Mandjes, M.R.H. (2007). A note on the delay distribution in GPS. CWI. Probability, Networks and Algorithms [PNA]. CWI.