MonetDB/XQuery* is a fully functional publicly available XML DBMS that has been extended with distributed and P2P data management functionality. Our (minimal) XQuery language extension XRPC adds the concept of RPC to XQuery, and exploits the set-at-a-time database processing model to optimize the networking cost through a technique called Bulk RPC. We describe our approach to include the services offered by diverse P2P network structures (such as DHTs), in a way that avoids any further intrusion in the XQuery language and semantics, and show how this, similarly to Bulk RPC, will lead to further query optimization opportunities where the XDBMS interacts with the underlying P2P network. We also discuss some P2P data management applications were MonetDB/XQuery* is being used (an in-home small scenario and a wide-area collaborative application). As this research is work-in-progress, we outline some research questions on our path towards defining and realizing P2P XDBMS technology.

RWTH Aachen
M. Arenas (Marcelo) , J. Hidders
CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Ambient Multimedia Databases , VIA M
CEUR Workshop on Emerging Research Opportunities for Web Data Management
Database Architectures

Zhang, Y., & Boncz, P. (2007). Integrating XQuery and P2P in MonetDB/XQuery*. In M. Arenas & J. Hidders (Eds.), The 1st Workshop on Emerging Research Opportunities for Web Data Management. RWTH Aachen.