To ease the development of data-intensive P2P applications, we envision a P2P XML Database Management System (P2P XDBMS) that acts as a database middle-ware, providing a uniform database abstraction on top of a dynamic set of distributed data sources. In this PhD work, we research which features such a database abstraction should offer and how it can be realised efficiently by extending and combining existing XML databases with P2P technologies. The first step in this research is a distributed database extension called XRPC. Our planned future work builds upon this, adding P2P abstractions to all main database functionalities (query processing, transactions and data storage).

Ambient Multimedia Databases , VIA M
International Conference on Very Large Data Bases
Database Architectures

Zhang, Y. (2007). Towards P2P XML Database Technology. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB). A.C.M.