In this paper we discuss how Monet, a novel multimodel database system, can be used to efficiently support OODB applications. We show how Monet's offbeat view on key issues in database architecture provides both challenges and opportunities in building a high-performance ODMG-compliant programming system on top of it. In particular, we show how an OO datamodel can be mapped onto Monet's decomposed storage scheme, and how OO queries are translated into an algebraic language. A generic model for specifying OO class-attribute traversals is presented, that permits the OODB to algebraicly optimize and parallelize their execution. The complete OO7 benchmark has been implemented to measure the success of our approach. The results show that Monet achieves minimally the performance published for the fastest OODBs on the market place today.

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Department of Computer Science [CS]

Boncz, P., Kwakkel, F., & Kersten, M. (1995). High performance support for OO traversals in Monet. Department of Computer Science [CS]. CWI.