A workable approach for modernization of existing software into parallel/distributed applications is through coarse-grain restructuring. If, for instance, entire subroutines of legacy code can be plugged into the new structure, the investment required for the re-discovery of the details of what they do can be spared. The resulting renovated software can then take advantage of the improved performance offered by modern parallel/distributed computing environments, without rethinking or rewriting the bulk of their existing code. In this paper, we discuss one of our experiments using the new coordination language M<font> size=-1>ANIFOLD</font to restructure an existing sequential numerical application written in Fortran 77, into a parallel/distributed application.

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Department of Computer Science [CS]
Computer Security

Everaars, K., Arbab, F., & Burger, F. (1996). Restructuring sequential Fortran code into a parallel/distributed application. Department of Computer Science [CS]. CWI.