We present an evolutionary tool to solve free-route Air Traffic Flow Management problems within a three-dimensional air space. This is the first evolutionary tool which solves free-route planning problems involving a few hundred aircraft. We observe that the importance of the recombination operator increases as we scale to larger problem instances. The evolutionary algorithm is based on a variant of the elitist recombinationalgorithm. We show a theoretical analysis of the problem, and present the results of experiments.

Ordinary Differential Equations (acm G.1.7), Problem Solving, Control Methods, and Search (acm I.2.8)
Problem solving (heuristics, search strategies, etc.) (msc 68T20)
Department of Computer Science [CS]

van Kemenade, C.H.M, van den Akker, J.M, & Kok, J.N. (1996). Evolutionary air traffic flow management for large 3D-problems. Department of Computer Science [CS]. CWI.