The paper investigates the connection between non-constituent coordination, as implemented in categorial grammar by means of a polymorphic type-assignment to lexical conjunctions, and hypothetical reasoning in Categorial Logics. A way of extending the logic is suggested, so that coordination can be applied to types depending on undischarged assumptions. By a certain ``resource manipulation'' of assumptions (of hypothetical reasoning), a late-discharge is facilitated, leading to what is referred to as the {em radical non-constituent coordination, wherby only basic types (and not functional types of any kind) are coordinated.

Mathematical Logic (acm F.4.1), Grammars and Other Rewriting Systems (acm F.4.2), ARTS AND HUMANITIES (acm J.5)
Information Systems [INS]

Francez, N. (1997). Hypothetical-reasoning and radical non-constituent coordination in categorical logic. Information Systems [INS]. CWI.