The so-called transmission function framework is described, and implementations of transmission function models are given for a broad range of genetic algorithms. These models describe GA's with a population of infinite size. An actual implementation of these models for a non-trivial problem involving deception is given, these models are traced, and the results are visualized by means of population flow diagrams. These diagrams show that cross-competition between different parts of the optimal solution takes place.

Miscellaneous (acm F.2.m), Optimization (acm G.1.6), Problem Solving, Control Methods, and Search (acm I.2.8)
Learning and adaptive systems (msc 68T05), Problem solving (heuristics, search strategies, etc.) (msc 68T20)
Software (theme 1), Logistics (theme 3), Energy (theme 4)
Software Engineering [SEN]
Intelligent and autonomous systems

van Kemenade, C.H.M, Kok, J.N, La Poutré, J.A, & Thierens, D. (1998). Transmission function models of infinite population genetic algorithms. Software Engineering [SEN]. CWI.