The pervasive penetration of database technology may suggest that we have reached the end of the database research era. The contrary is true. Emerging technology, in hardware, software, and connectivity, brings a wealth of opportunities to push technology to a new level of maturity. Furthermore, ground breaking results are obtained in Quantum- and DNA-computing using nature as inspiration for its computational models. This paper provides a vision on a new brand of database architectures, i.e. an Organic Database System where a large collection of connected, autonomous data cells implement a semantic meaningful store/recall information system. It explores the analogy of a biological complex to charter the contours of this research vision. A concrete computational model is defined and illustrated by examples as a step into this direction.

Logical Design (acm H.2.1), Systems (acm H.2.4)
Information storage and retrieval (msc 68P20), Database theory (msc 68P15), None of the above, but in MSC2010 section 68Nxx (msc 68N99)
Information (theme 2)
Information Systems [INS]
Intelligent and autonomous systems

Kersten, M.L, & Siebes, A.P.J.M. (1999). An organic database system. Information Systems [INS]. CWI.