The goals of this tutorial are to: (emph{i) give the reader a quick introduction to the field of software renovation as a whole; (emph{ii) show that many techniques from compiler technology and formal methods can be applied; (emph{iii) demonstrate that research should be driven by real-life, industrial, case studies; and (emph{iv) indicate that many challenging problems are still unsolved. During the presentation of this turorial, demonstrations will be given of several of the case studies discussed here.

Design Tools and Techniques (acm D.2.2), Coding Tools and Techniques (acm D.2.3), Distribution, Maintenance, and Enhancement (acm D.2.7), Processors (acm D.3.4), Specifying and Verifying and Reasoning about Programs (acm F.3.1), Automatic Programming (acm I.2.2)
Software (theme 1)
Software Engineering [SEN]
Software Analysis and Transformation

van Deursen, A, Klint, P, & Verhoef, C. (1999). Research issues in the renovation of legacy systems. Software Engineering [SEN]. CWI.