Developing a compiler for asdf has been a challenging task. The compilation of asdf is performed using an intermediate language muasf, an abstract syntax representation of asdf. Although asdf is quite simple to use, it provides a number of features which have an unclear semantics. By means of a number of examples in muasf and a more mathematical notation a number of these semantic issues are clarified. These examples are helpful for both the compiler designer and the specification writer.

Formal Definitions and Theory (acm D.3.1), Language Classifications (acm D.3.2), Grammars and Other Rewriting Systems (acm F.4.2)
Software (theme 1)
Software Engineering [SEN]
Software Analysis and Transformation

Bergstra, J.A, & van den Brand, M.G.J. (2000). Syntax and semantics of a high-level intermediate representation for ASF+SDF. Software Engineering [SEN]. CWI.