We provide soundness and completeness results for the extension of muCRL with time put forward by Groote. The specification language muCRL has been designed especially to deal with data in a process algebraic context. Using the features for data, only a minor extension of the language was needed to obtain a very expressive variant of time. The main tool to establish the completeness result is a mapping of timed to untimed muCRL and employing the completeness results obtained for untimed muCRL.

Formal languages and automata (msc 68Q45), Specification and verification (program logics, model checking, etc.) (msc 68Q60), Algebraic theory of languages and automata (msc 68Q70), Models and methods for concurrent and distributed computing (process algebras, bisimulation, transition nets, etc.) (msc 68Q85)
Software Engineering [SEN]

Groote, J.F, Reniers, M.A, van Wamel, J.J, & van der Zwaag, M.B. (2000). Completeness of timed $ mu $ CRL. Software Engineering [SEN]. CWI.