{sc xt bundles existing and newly developed program transformation libraries and tools into an open framework that supports component-based development of program transformations. We discuss the roles of {sc xt's constituents in the development process of program transformation tools, as well as some experiences with building program transformation systems with {sc xt. <pr>

Design Tools and Techniques (acm D.2.2), Coding Tools and Techniques (acm D.2.3), Software/Program Verification (acm D.2.4), Programming Environments (acm D.2.6), Distribution, Maintenance, and Enhancement (acm D.2.7), Management (acm D.2.9), Languages (acm D.2.1.1), Tools (acm D.2.1.3), Language Classifications (acm D.3.2)
Software (theme 1)
Software Engineering [SEN]
Software Analysis and Transformation

de Jonge, M, Visser, E, & Visser, J.M.W. (2001). XT: a bundle of program transformation tools : system description. Software Engineering [SEN]. CWI.