Correspondence David van Dantzig--Gerrit Mannoury October 23rd 1917, after the second lecture in a course on analytical geometry David van Dantzig, student of chemistry, wrote a long letter to the professor of mathematics Gerrit Mannoury. It proved the starting point of a life-long symbiosis of pupil and master in mathematics, metamathematics and significs. Significs was the novel theory of intersubjective understanding. Gerrit Mannoury, 1867-1956, self-educated mathematician and communist was the central figure in the signific circle, a Dutch counterpart of the Vienna circle. David van Dantzig, 1900-1959, grew to be a successful mathematician. In the late 1930's he turned to applications and mathematical modelling. After the war Van Dantzig cofounded the CWI. He placed mathematical statistics on the mathematical agenda in the Netherlands. This historical note offers an inventory of their correspondence.

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Siegenbeek van Heukelom, J., & Alberts, G. (2000). Correspondentie David van Dantzig-Gerrit Mannoury : historische notitie SEN. Software Engineering [SEN]. CWI.