This report contains a set of lecture notes that were used in the spring of 2003 for a mini course of six lectures on the subject of streams, coinduction and signal flow graphs. It presents an application of coinductive stream calculus (as introduced in Technical Report SEN-R0023, CWI, Amsterdam, 2000) to signal flow graphs. In comparison to existing approaches, which are usually based on Laplace and Z-transforms, the model presented in these notes is very elementary. From a didactical point of view, the formal treatment of flow graphs is interesting because it deals with two fundamental phenomena in the theory of computation: memory (in the form of register or delay elements) and infinite behaviour (in the form of feedback).

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Software Engineering [SEN]
Computer Security

Rutten, J.J.M.M. (2003). An application of coinductive stream calculus to signal flow graphs. Software Engineering [SEN]. CWI.