A Web Service can represent a unit of business logic that an organization exposes to other organizations on the World Wide Web. The recent efforts of the industry to agree on a common definition for Web Services resulted in the Web Services (WS) standard that governs how one defines, advertises and uses Web Services. Composition of primitive Web Services into complex ones presents the next challenge for the industry. Existing proposals for languages for service composition (also called choreography of Web services) typically come from the business process modeling community and often lack foundations in theoretical computer science and possibilities to address compo-sition from a more general perspective than business process applications only. In this paper we present our work-in-progress on compositional construction of Web Services using the Reo coordination language. The Reo language has a strong formal basis and promotes loose coupling, distribution, mobility, exoge-nous coordination, and dynamic reconfigurability. We carry out this work within the context of the Cybernetics Incident Management (CIM) project.

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Software Engineering [SEN]
Computer Security

Diakov, N.K, & Arbab, F. (2004). Compositional construction of web services using Reo. Software Engineering [SEN]. CWI.