In this paper an iterative method for the computation of stationary gravity-wave solutions is investigated, using a novel formulation of the free-surface (FS) boundary-value problem. This method requires the solution of a sequence of stationary Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes subproblems employing the so-called quasi free-surface condition. The numerical performance of this new approach is investigated for two test cases. The first test case involves the computation of the 3D gravity-wave pattern due to a pressure-perturbation imposed on a uniform flow. The second is the gravity-wave pattern generated by a realistic ship-hull form, known as Series 60. Results of the ship-hull cases are compared with experimental data.

Scientific Computing

Lewis, M., Koren, B., & Raven, H. C. (2003). Computation of 3D steady Navier-Stokes flow with free-surface gravity waves. CWI.