Automatically generating presentations from content available on the World Wide Web, mainly through multimedia databases, is made possible with the advent of the Semantic Web and the increasing availability of multimedia repositories. The Semantic Web enables machines to work with assumptions on the meaning and interrelations of multimedia content. This makes it possible to present information in a more coherent manner, paving the way for the field of automatic multimedia presentation generation. Among the different issues to be solved in this field is layout generation. When combining separate parts together into a single presentation, new options and dangers present themselves. In this report we look at two options that present themselves and the related dangers. These options are analysis of the presentation tree in order to find interesting structures and adding to the system the option to use emphasis elements when presenting media elements

Information Systems [INS]

van Velthoven, R. C. E. (2004). Transforming abstract document structure to a hypermedia presentation. Information Systems [INS]. CWI.