Spin anticoherent states acquired recently a lot of attention as the most "quantum" states. Some coherent and anticoherent spin states are known as optimal quantum rotosensors. In this work, we introduce a measure of quantumness for orthonormal bases of spin states, determined by the average anticoherence of individual vectors and the Wehrl entropy. In this way, we identify the most coherent and most quantum states, which lead to orthogonal measurements of extreme quantumness. Their symmetries can be revealed using the Majorana stellar representation, which provides an intuitive geometrical representation of a pure state by points on a sphere. Results obtained lead to maximally (minimally) entangled bases in the 2j + 1 dimensional symmetric subspace of the 22j dimensional space of states of multipartite systems composed of 2j qubits. Some bases found are iso-coherent as they consist of all states of the same degree of spin-coherence.