Added Cameraconfig files are now JSON by default (but XML is still supported for backward compatibility). The default camera type is now determined from cameraconfig.json, so you normally don't have to specify --kinect or similar to cwipc_view and other utilities There is a new API call cwipc_capturer that will return the correct capturer for what is specified in cameraconfig.json. You can also give it a configFilename parameter of "auto" and it will determine what type of camera is attached to your system. cwipc has been ported to Android, specifically for use on the Oculus Quest. Python modules now have type annotations, which should make it much easier to use cwipc in your programs (auto-complete, documentation, etc) Python example programs have been added. cwipc_check program helps with checking that everything is installed (especially on Windows) Changed Build process and CMakefiles have been streamlined, specifically the way the Python support is installed. cwipc_unity is no longer a submodule of cwipc but its own toplevel repository. cwipc_calibrate should now be easier to use.