What are hybrid events, and how will they look like in the future? The past couple of years have evolved the ways by which we organize our work and professional events. A surge in adoption of communicative and collaborative digital tools has enabled people and organizations to achieve an “appropriated and rather simulated togetherness”—the hybrid mode. In this “hybrid” workshop, we aim to rethink what hybrid events are in our future work; how to effectively scale them across sectors, communities and industries; how emerging technologies can create better, more immersive hybrid experiences; study best practices and define how “successful” hybrid events can be effectively measured; and finally, identify and chart the wider social, ethical, and legal implications of hybrid formats. This workshop will consolidate these topics by inviting participants to collaboratively engage in questioning and rethinking the nature of this hybrid workshop itself, turning it into a living experiment.

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Symposium on Human-Computer Interaction for Work, CHIWORK 2023
Distributed and Interactive Systems

Ansah, A., Zhong, S., Constantinides, M., Verma, H., El Ali, A., Alavi, H., … Kun, A. (2023). Rethinking hybrid events in the future of work: A hybrid workshop for creating a better hybrid world. In Proceedings of the Symposium on Human-Computer Interaction for Work, CHIWORK 2023.