Subjective quality assessment serves as a method to evaluate the perceptual quality of 3D point clouds. These evaluations can be conducted using lab-based or remote or crowdsourcing tests. The lab-based tests are time-consuming and less cost-effective. As an alternative, remote or crowd tests can be used, offering a time and cost-friendly approach. Remote testing enables larger and more diverse participant pools. However, this raises the question of its applicability due to variability in participants' display devices and environments for the evaluation of the point cloud. In this paper, the focus is on investigating the applicability of remote testing by using the Absolute Category Rating (ACR) test method for assessing the subjective quality of point clouds in different tests. We compare the results of lab and remote tests by replicating lab-based tests. In the first test, we assess the subjective quality of a static point cloud geometry for two different types of geometrical degradations, namely Gaussian noise, and octree-pruning. In the second test, we compare the performance of two different compression methods (G-PCC and V-PCC) to assess the subjective quality of coloured point cloud videos. Based on the results obtained using correlation and Standard deviation of Opinion Scores (SOS) analysis, the remote testing paradigm can be used for evaluating point clouds.

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Ignite the Immersive Media Sector by Enabling New Narrative Visions
2nd International Workshop on Interactive eXtended Reality, IXR 2023
Distributed and Interactive Systems

Singla, A., Wang, S., Göring, S., Rakesh Rao Ramachandra Rao, Viola, I., César Garcia, P. S., & Raake, A. (2023). Subjective quality evaluation of Point Clouds using remote testing. In International Workshop on Interactive eXtended Reality, IXR (pp. 21–28). doi:10.1145/3607546.3616803