From 16.09.2007 to 21.09.2007 the Dagstuhl Seminar 07381 ``Cryptography'' was held in the International Conference and Research Center (IBFI), Schloss Dagstuhl. During the seminar, several participants presented their current research, and ongoing work and open problems were discussed. Abstracts of the presentations given during the seminar as well as abstracts of seminar results and ideas are put together in this paper. The first section describes the seminar topics and goals in general. Links to extended abstracts or full papers are provided, if available.

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Dagstuhl Seminar Proceedings
Dagstuhl Seminar 07381 - Cryptography
Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, Amsterdam (CWI), The Netherlands

Blömer, J., Boneh, D. (D.), Cramer, R., & Maurer, U. (U.). (2008). 07381 Executive Summary Cryptography - Dagstuhl Seminar. In Dagstuhl Seminar Proceedings. doi:10.4230/DagSemProc.07381.1