We test the quantumness of IBM’s quantum computer IBM Quantum System One in Ehningen, Germany. We generate generalised n-qubit GHZ states and measure Bell inequalities to investigate the n-party entanglement of the GHZ states. The implemented Bell inequalities are derived from non-adaptive measurement-based quantum computation (NMQC), a type of quantum computing that links the successful computation of a non-linear function to the violation of a multipartite Bell-inequality. The goal is to compute a multivariate Boolean function that clearly differentiates non-local correlations from local hidden variables (LHVs). Since it has been shown that LHVs can only compute linear functions, whereas quantum correlations are capable of outputting every possible Boolean function it thus serves as an indicator of multipartite entanglement. Here, we compute various non-linear functions with NMQC on IBM’s quantum computer IBM Quantum System One and thereby demonstrate that the presented method can be used to characterize quantum devices. We find a violation for a maximum of seven qubits and compare our results to an existing implementation of NMQC using photons.