The GFE (Graph Framework Evaluation) Driver is the program used to run the experiments in the paper D. De Leo, P. Boncz, Teseo and the Analysis of Structural Dynamic Graphs, VLDB 2021 (+ Errata), measuring the throughput of updates in libraries supporting structural dynamic graphs and the completion times of the Graphalytics kernels. The driver supports the following systems: Teseo, LLAMA, GraphOne, Stinger and LiveGraph. It can run three kinds experiments: insert all edges in a random permuted order from an input graph, execute the updates specified by a graphlog file and run the kernels of the Graphalytics suite: BFS, PageRank (PR), local triangle counting (LCC), weighted shortest paths (SSSP), weakly connected components (WCC) and community detection through label propagation (CDLP).