Card game creation is a powerful tool for game design.Using playing cards, game designers can rapidly prototype and iteratively playtest a game’s core mechanisms to explore alternatives and improve the gameplay. However, this process is time-consuming, imprecise and challenging to steer and focus. We aim to empower designers with solutions that automate game design processes. In particular, we study to what extent a unified game design language can offer the- oretical foundations, systematic techniques and practical solutions. We propose a novel approach towards a solution that leverages the expressive power of playing cards. Initially focusing on well- known card games, we illustrate the steps for creating CardScript, a formal language and toolkit that supports game design processes. The approach also has the potential to impact a wider research area. When fully developed, a unified language with a common tool set can enable reuse, and eventually support joint research agendas. We start the discussion by highlighting perspectives that relate open challenges to opportunities for future collaboration.

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FourceLabs, The Netherlands
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series
18th Foundations of Digital Games (FDG) 2023
Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, Amsterdam (CWI), The Netherlands

van Rozen, R.A, Bouwer, A, & Millenaar, K. (2023). Towards a unified language for card game design. In 18th Foundations of Digital Games (FDG) 2023. doi:10.1145/3582437.3587185