The Linked Data Benchmark Council's Social Network Benchmark (LDBC SNB) is an effort intended to test various functionalities of systems used for graph-like data management. For this, LDBC SNB uses the recognizable scenario of operating a social network, characterized by its graph-shaped data. LDBC SNB consists of two workloads that focus on different functionalities: the Interactive workload (interactive transactional queries) and the Business Intelligence workload (analytical queries). This document contains the definition of both workloads. This includes a detailed explanation of the data used in the LDBC SNB, a detailed description for all queries, and instructions on how to generate the data and run the benchmark with the provided software.

Computing Research Repository
Database Architectures

Angles Rojas, R., Antal, J. B., Averbuch, A., Boncz, P., Erling, O., Gubichev, A., … Zhang, Y. (2020). The LDBC Social Network Benchmark. Computing Research Repository, abs/2001.02299.