This document describes the long-term vision of the opportunities and innovation tasks involving the use of AI for contributing towards the energy transition. It has been decided not to opt for a specific scenario or specific vision, but instead to look at a range of possibilities, among others derived from the integrated knowledge and innovation agenda for the energy transition. It is written as a starting point for discussions with stakeholders, as the basis for defining calls (in the context of the AiNed Investment Programme, for example (2019)), and for the formation of consortia.

Intelligent and autonomous systems

Agterberg (Pallas), Bijl (Maarten), Hurink (Johann), La Poutré, J.A, van de Vreede (Gerdien), de Weerdt, M.M, & Wilbrink (Tijs). (2021, September). AI as an accelerator of the energy transitition: Opportunities for a carbon-free energy system.