In recent years, artists and communities have expressed the desire to work with tools that facilitate co-creation and allow distributed community performances. These performances can be spread over several physical stages, connecting them on real-time towards a single experience with the audience distributed along them. This enables a wider remote audience consuming the performance through their own devices, and even grants the participation of remote users in the show. In this paper we introduce the Co-creation Stage, a web-based tool that allows managing heterogeneous content sources, with a particular focus on live and on-demand media, across several distributed devices. The Co-creation Stage is part of the toolset developed in the Traction H2020 project which enables community performing art shows, where professional artists and non-professional participants perform together from different stages and locations. Here we present the design process, the architecture and the main functionalities of the tool as well as the results of the first user evaluation with Opera houses and artists.

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Opera co-creation for a social transformation
IMX '21: ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences
Distributed and Interactive Systems

Rivas Pagador, H., Dominguez, A., Masneri, S., Tamayo, I., Zorrilla, M., Almeida, P., … César Garcia, P. S. (2021). Co-creation stage: A web-based tool for collaborative and participatory co-located art performances. In ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences (pp. 267–274). doi:10.1145/3452918.3465483