It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 12th anniversary of the ACM Cloud Computing Security Workshop. CCSW is the world's premier forum bringing together researchers and practitioners in all security aspects of cloud-centric and outsourced computing including: Side channel attacks; Practical cryptographic protocols for cloud security; Secure cloud resource virtualization mechanisms; Secure data management outsourcing (e.g., database as a service); Practical privacy and integrity mechanisms for outsourcing; Foundations of cloud-centric threat models; Secure computation outsourcing; Remote attestation mechanisms in clouds; Sandboxing and VM-based enforcements; Trust and policy management in clouds; Secure identity management mechanisms; New cloud-aware web service security paradigms and mechanisms; Cloud-centric regulatory compliance issues and mechanisms; Business and security risk models and clouds; Cost and usability models and their interaction with security in clouds; Scalability of security in global-size clouds; Trusted computing technology and clouds; Binary analysis of software for remote attestation and cloud protection; Network security (DOS, IDS etc.) mechanisms for cloud contexts; Security for emerging cloud programming models; Energy/cost/efficiency of security in clouds; Machine learning for cloud protection.