Game developers strongly rely on programming languages and tools for creating educative, adventurous, challenging, humorous and playful interactive experiences. However, it is not yet well-understood how to construct languages and tools for improving games and play. In this position paper we discuss how to leverage language workbenches and meta- programming techniques for creating language-centric solutions that help speed-up game design and development. We present a research vision, followed by three illustrative examples that demonstrate how the available enabling technology can be applied to tackle recurring challenges in language prototyping. Finally, we reflect on threats to validity and discuss challenges and opportunities for future collaboration.

CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Joint Meeting of the Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment 2021 Workshops, AIIDE-WS-2021
Software Analysis and Transformation

van Rozen, R., Reijne, Y., Julia, C., & Samaritaki, G. (2021). First-person realtime collaborative metaprogramming adventures. In Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment.