The Coronal Multi-channel Polarimeter (CoMP) has opened up exciting opportunities to probe transverse MHD waves in the Sun's corona. The archive of CoMP data is utilized to generate a catalog of quiescent coronal loops that can be used for studying propagating kink waves. The catalog contains 120 loops observed between 2012 and 2014. This catalog is further used to undertake a statistical study of propagating kink waves in the quiet regions of the solar corona, investigating phase speeds, loop lengths, footpoint power ratio (a measure of wave power entering the corona through each footpoint of a loop) and equilibrium parameter (which provides a measure of the change in wave amplitude) values. The statistical study enables us to establish the presence of a relationship between the rate of damping and the length of the coronal loop, with longer coronal loops displaying weaker wave damping. We suggest the reason for this behavior is related to a decreasing average density contrast between the loop and ambient plasma as loop length increases. The catalog presented here will provide the community with the foundation for the further study of propagating kink waves in the quiet solar corona.