Summary: This submission contains three tomographic datasets of a small wooden block. The data is made available as part of [Bossema et al., 2021].

Apparatus: The dataset is acquired using the custom-built and highly flexible CT scanner, FleX-ray Laboratory, developed by TESCAN-XRE, located at CWI in Amsterdam. This apparatus consists of a cone-beam microfocus X-ray point source that projects polychromatic X-rays onto a 1944-by-1536 pixels, 14-bit, flat detector panel. Full details can be found in [Coban 2020].

Sample Information: The sample is small wooden block of conifer wood (10x12x3cm).

Experimental Plan: The data in this submission was collected to compare CT (see Zenodo dataset 10.5281/zenodo.4533882) reconstructions to reconstructions obtained using a line trajectory (LT) scanning method and to investigate the effect of the orientation of the block on the LT reconstructions (see Figures 3 and 5 in [Bossema et al, 2021]). The dataset consists of three LT datasets with the wood in different orientations. All raw data (i.e. no corrections) is made available in .tif format.

List of Contents: The content of the submission is given below. LT_flat: 2201 projections, with the wood in orientation corresponding to fig. 3a in [Bossema et al., 2021] LT_upright: 2001 projections, with the wood in orientation corresponding to fig. 3b in [Bossema et al., 2021] LT_upfront: 2201 projections, with the wood in orientation corresponding to fig. 3c in [Bossema et al., 2021] Each data folder contains: dark-field (or closed-shutter) image, di000000.tif, flat-field (or open-shutter) image before acquisition, io000000.tif, and after acquisition, io000001.tif, raw (unprocessed or uncorrected) projections, scan_*.tif, scan settings.txt, a text file with scanner metadata in more human readable format, and script_executed.txt, the text file containing the list of commands the apparatus has executed.

Additional Links: These datasets are produced by the Computational Imaging group at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CI-CWI). For any relevant Python/MATLAB scripts for the FleX-ray datasets, we refer the reader to our group's GitHub page.

Contact Details: For more information or guidance in using these datasets, please get in touch with bossema [at]

Acknowledgments: The authors would like to acknowledge the funding from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), project numbers 341-60-001, 639.073.506 and 628.007.033 and Netherlands Institute for Conservation, Art and Science (NICAS).
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Computational Imaging

Bossema, F.G. (2021). Three line trajectory X-ray tomography datasets of a small wooden block. doi:10.5281/zenodo.4541555