Web tables contain a large amount of useful knowledge. Takco is a new large-scale platform designed for extracting facts from tables that can be added to Knowledge Graphs (KGs) like Wikidata. Focusing on achieving high precision, current techniques are biased towards extracting redundant facts, i.e., facts already in the KG. Takco aims to find more novel facts, still at high precision. Our demonstration has two goals. The first one is to illustrate the main features of Takco's novel interpretation algorithm. The second goal is to show to what extent other state-of-the-art systems are biased towards the extraction of redundant facts using our platform, thus raising awareness on this important problem.

30th World Wide Web Conference, WWW 2021
Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, Amsterdam (CWI), The Netherlands

Kruit, B., Boncz, P., & Urbani, J. (2021). TAKCO: A platform for extracting novel facts from tables. In Companion of the World Wide Web Conference (pp. 705–707). doi:10.1145/3442442.3458611