Maintaining an overview of publications in the neuroscientific field is challenging, especially with an eye to finding relations at scale; for example, between brain regions and diseases. This is true for well-studied as well as nascent relationships. To support neuroscientists in this challenge, we developed an Immersive Analytics (IA) prototype for the analysis of relationships in large collections of scientific papers. In our video demonstration we showcase the system’s design and capabilities using a walkthrough and mock user scenario. This companion paper relates our prototype to previous IA work and offers implementation details.

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IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality
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Troost, I.O, Tanhaei, G, Hardman, L, & Hürst, W. (2020). DatAR: An immersive literature exploration environment for neuroscientists. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality (pp. 55–56). doi:10.1109/AIVR50618.2020.00020