X-ray plenoptic cameras acquire multi-view X-ray transmission images in a single exposure (light-field). Their development is challenging: designs have appeared only recently, and they are still affected by important limitations. Concurrently, the lack of available real X-ray light-field data hinders dedicated algorithmic development. Here, we present a physical emulation setup for rapidly exploring the parameter space of both existing and conceptual camera designs. This will assist and accelerate the design of X-ray plenoptic imaging solutions, and provide a tool for generating unlimited real X-ray plenoptic data. We also demonstrate that X-ray light-fields allow for reconstructing sharp spatial structures in three-dimensions (3D) from single-shot data.

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Journal of Imaging
Computational Imaging

Viganò, N.R, Lucka, F, de la Rochefoucauld, O, Coban, S.B, van Liere, R, Fajardo, M, … Batenburg, K.J. (2020). Emulation of X-ray light-field cameras. Journal of Imaging, 6(12). doi:10.3390/jimaging6120138