The objective of Linked TV is the integration of hyperlinks in videos to open up new possibilities for an interactive, seamless usage of video on the Web. LinkedTV provides a platform for the automatic identification of media fragments, their metadata annotations and connection with the Linked Open Data Cloud, which enables to develop applications for the search for objects, persons or events in videos and retrieval of more detailed related information. The objective of D5.1 is the design of the platform architecture for the server and client side based on the requirements derived from the scenarios defined in WP6 and technical needs from WPs 1-4. The document defines workflows, components, data structures and tools. Flexible interfaces and an efficient communications infrastructure allow for a seamless deployment of the system in heterogeneous, distributed environments. The resulting design builds the basis for the distributed development of all components in WP1-4 and their integration into a platform enabling for the efficient development of Hypervideo applications.