This deliverable describes the final LinkedTV framework that provides a set of possible enrichment resources for seed video content using techniques such as text and web mining, information extraction and information retrieval technologies. The enrichment content is obtained from four type of sources: a) by crawling and indexing web sites described in a white list specified by the content partners, b) by querying the API or SPARQL endpoint of the Europeana digital library network which is publicly exposed, c) by querying multiple social networking APIs, d) by hyperlinking to other parts of TV programs within the same collection using a Solr index. This deliverable also describes an additional content annotation functionality, namely labelling enrichment (as well as seed) content with thematic topics, as well as the process of exposing content annotations to this module and to the filtering services of LinkedTV’s personalization workflow. We illustrate the enrichment workflow for the two main scenarios of LinkedTV which have lead to the development of the LinkedCulture and LinkedNews applications, which respectively use the TVEnricher and TVNewsEnricher enrichment services. The original title of this deliverable from the DoW was Advanced concept labelling by complementary Web mining.