This deliverable presents a state-of-art and requirements analysis report for the web mining process as part of the WP2 of the LinkedTV project. The deliverable is divided into two subject areas: a) Named Entity Recognition (NER) and b) retrieval of additional content. The introduction gives an outline of the workflow of the work package, with a subsection devoted to relations with other work packages. The state-of-art review is focused on prospective techniques for LinkedTV. In the NER domain, the main focus is on knowledge-based approaches, which facilitate disambiguation of identified entities using linked open data. As part of the NER requirement analysis, the first tools developed are described and evaluated (NERD, SemiTags and THD). The area of linked additional content is broader and requires a more thorough analysis. A balanced overview of techniques for dealing with the various knowledge sources (semantic web resources, web APIs and completely unstructured resources from a white list of web sites) is presented. The requirements analysis comes out of the RBB and Sound and Vision LinkedTV scenarios.